Garry Clement is in high demand for conferences, workshops and training sessions. He relies on his 34 years of policing experience, having worked in roles as the National Director for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police’s Proceeds of Crime Program, in addition to having worked as an investigator and undercover operator into some of the highest organized crime levels throughout Canada. He is an excellent, highly entertaining speaker for conferences, seminars and training programs. Recent comments from participants at an ACAMS seminar included: “Garry Clement is an excellent speaker, very eloquent and very knowledgeable”;“easy to understand and knowledgeable”; ”speaker was very dynamic and knowledgeable”, “excellent public speaker, very interesting”.

Garry has been widely quoted by many published authors in such books as: The Road to Hell, (Julian Sher) an overview of the Hells Angels, Dispersing the Fog, (Paul Polango) an overview of RCMP, Smokescreen, a book on Garry’s 1996 undercover operation into tobacco smuggling from the US into Canada which resulted in the highest civil penalty against the cigarette companies in Canadian History, Paper Fan (Terry Gould) flowing from Garry’s tour in Hong Kong , the book describes the international search for Wong, Lik Man a notorious “triad” member and other magazines and news print, as well as having been featured in the national news program W-5.

2008 Feb: Published an article on Cyber Crime in ACAMS TODAY.

2008 13 Feb: Investment Industry Association of Canada – Toronto Chapter, presentation provided on AML and enhanced due diligence for financial industry relative to new Canadian requirements.

2008 16-20 Mar: Attended Money Laundering Alert Conference in Miami.

2008 07 Apr: Presentation to Credit Unions in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia pertaining to their AML requirements with a focus on establishing a risk based approach

2008 08 Apr: Presentation in Vancouver at the Sutton Hotel to the Institute of Internal Auditors relative to interviewing techniques

2008 09 Apr: Presentation to Kelowna Chapter of the Institute of Internal Auditors, repeat presentation as noted directly above.

2008 09 Apr: Presentation to the Credit Unions located in the Kelowna, Vernon areas of British Columbia pertaining to AML and risk based programs, combined with due diligence

2008 10 Apr: Presentation to the Independent Investors Association of Canada at the Petroleum Club in Calgary relative to the establishment of a risk based AML and Anti-Terrorism Financial program

2008 29-30 Apr: Canadian Institute AML Conference, Presentation of Canadian trends pertaining to AML/CFT.

2008 13 May: AML/CFT training provided to MSB employees

2008 29 May: IPSA hosted MSB roundtable for local MSBs and Presented on Risk Based Approach.

2008 06 June: ACAMS Examination Preparation Course at Toronto to 40 attendees.

2008 July: Published article in ACAMS Today entitled “Canada makes progress in fighting money laundering and terrorist financing.

2008 15 August: ACAMS Examination Preparation Course at Chicago- 38 attendees.

2008 4-6 November Attended the Conference Board of Canada’s Cyber Crime Conference and provided a session on the pitfalls for law enforcement to be effective and efficient in this new area of criminal activity, plus acted as a moderator on other sessions.

2008 08 November ACAMS Examination Preparation Course provided in Port of Spain, Trinidad

2008 10-12 November Attended the Caribbean Regional Compliance Association Conference in Port of Spain. Trinidad and provided a presentation on the need for a robust anti-money laundering compliance program.

2009 January Published an article in ACAMS Today entitled “Recognizing suspicious activity – Red flags for casinos and card clubs.

2009 5-6 February attended the Canadian Institute Payment Card Compliance In Canada Conference and spoke on a panel entitled “Interpreting and Applying AML Requirements without Compromising Your Business”.

2009 28-29 April attended and spoke at the Canadian Institute Anti-Money Laundering Conference on the impact of organized crime in an economic downturn environment.

2009 January published an article in ACAMS Today entitled “Recognizing suspicious activity – Red flags for casinos and card clubs.

2009 5-6 February attended the Canadian Institute Payment Card Compliance In Canada Conference and spoke on a panel entitled “Interpreting and Applying AML Requirements without Compromising Your Business”.

2009 6 May attended training session offered by the Office of Superintendent of Financial Institutions relative to their regulatory expectations pertaining to the Proceeds of Crime Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Act.

2009 July and ongoing: Finalize a memorandum of understanding with Seneca College relative to the review and delivering of a compliance officer educational program for money service businesses.

2009 Prepare a discussion paper on white-collar crime and submit to the Government of Canada

2009 25 September deliver training in Bermuda relative to the ACAMS Exam Preparation Course.

2009 27-29 September attend ABCO Conference in Bermuda and deliver session on Terrorist Financing.

2010 03 February attend Parliament Hill and make a presentation to Liberal caucus on legislative weaknesses that are impacting Canada’s ability to combat white-collar crime. Note: speaking notes forwarded to the Minister of Justice.

2010 16 February attend Toronto Police Service Training Academy and provide 2.5 hour session on money laundering investigations in Canada.

2010 23-24 February attend Canadian Institute Payment Card Conference and provide sessions on: Battling Against New and Growing Areas of Payment Card Fraud and a second session on Examining the Effectiveness of Money Laundering Legislation relative to technology developments

2010 March published article in ACAM’S Today entitled “Then and Now” dealing with having worked in the AML arena since 1983.

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